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Shower Bag 

A net bag in a great size for for reuse as a shower bag. The bag has two loops with lock bead push. The first loop opens the bag and the second loop is to hang and lock the bag over a shower spout. The bag will not mold when wet.  

  Width:   5 inches
  Gusset: 5 inches
  Height:  9 Inches

    Price:  3.00 



Body Brush

The body brush is one of the nicest brushes we have.  Made with 100% boar bristles, it gives a gentle scrub to the skin while the detachable wood handle comfortably fits the palm of your hand.  Don't need the handle?  Well, just pop it off and use the brush head in your hand.

Price: 4.49 each

Mesh Soap Saver

When you first get the soap saver, it is in a very neat cylinder shape but it easily expands to accept a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Just slip your soaps in and close the top by pulling on the cord.  A great little spring loaded stopper will lock it shut.  The net mesh has a "crinkle" effect that is wonderful for exfoliating action and you simply hang to dry.
Price 2.99

 Pumice Stone

This is a great little stone at a very reasonable price.  Don't let the price fool you though.  This little guy is a sure bet for rough skin and calluses.  It has a very nice oval shape and hang cord.  The stone itself is roughly 3 1/2" long x 1 3/4" wide.

Price 1.99

This item is being discontinued!!!  When current inventory is gone, it will no longer be available.