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**NEW Hot Item** Sea Salt Body Polish you can find it under body care

**NEW Hot Item** Loving Naturals Sun Screen Lotion - in stock and can ship immediately

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We now carry Loving Naturals products. Their sunscreen is rated #1 by EWG

We now carry SolRX products. 8-hour sun protection; Sunburn Relief & Marine Sting Pain relief

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New Products

Natural Fragrances · Fair Trade · Earth Friendly

You are about to discover natural home fragrance products that were born of a place that combines the time proven methodology of an ancient civilization with a singularly French predilection for composing perfectly balanced aromatics.

The use of natural plant extracts to blend fragrance is integral to the 5000 year old cultural tradition of our home in Auroville, in the Coromandel Coast region of India. Pondicherry, our neighboring city was formerly a French trading colony supplying European perfume makers. The area’s incense production is world renowned, and naturopathic herbal healing has been a way of life here for countless generations.

Maroma has utilized all of this rich cultural background and combined it with a very contemporary commitment to Earth-friendly product content and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. This has resulted in a truly superior and diverse range of aromatic products.

All of Maroma home fragrance items were formulated with essential oils to elevate the ambience of a room by clearing and refreshing the air. The natural extracts in our personal care products such as soap, bath salts and perfume were blended to promote a soothing sense of well-being and inner balance.

Experiment with one or two of our products initially, we are confident you will revisit us frequently for many more.

Perfume oils

Made with signature fragrances
which are blended with natural
essential oils, Maroma perfumes
are highly concentrated.
The bottles may be small but they
contain numerous applications of
perfume. Just apply a small amount to your wrist, neck or other pulse points and you are good to go for several hours.

These perfumes contain
no alcohol so remain vital much
longer than standard perfumes.

MAROMA MEN's rich fragrances are long lasting though never overwhelming and make perfect gifts for frequent flyers as the small bottle sizes easily go through security screenings. The dilemma for consumers is trying to decide which one to buy. They are all terrific

Solid Perfumes

The perfume solids are meticulously formulated from Maroma's signature essential oil perfumeblends which have been infused into a smooth botanical base of organic oils and natural waxes. Because there is no alcohol in the formula, the fragrance does not dissolve but rests on the skin surface with prolonged vitality.

Available in the same 10 sparkling fragrances as our Perfume Oils, each 8gm solid perfume is packaged in a convenient recyclable plastic container that you can take anywhere and reseal between uses. The colorful, eye catching and informative outer packaging is made of recycled papers and is also recyclable.

Bath Salts

These four blends contain only mineral rich saltsand pure botanic extracts. A 15 to 20 minute soak in one of these soothing brews is a blissful restorative after a stressful day. TRUE therapy eases sore muscles while nourishing the skin and aromatically promoting a contended sense of well being. Combine TRUE SOAPS for an indescribable dose of pure self indulgence!

Closet and Drawer Sachets

These wonderful products create a secure cocoon of natural aromatics
which will keep wool, silk and other fine fabrics in mint condition. Colibri's
natural formula, which was developed by Maroma for use in closets and other storage areas, freshens and preserves with light, clean natural fragrances.

Colibri is an established, safe and reliable product used with great popular success for many years. It is also one of our best selling product lines. For optimum results the sachets should be used year round and replaced every six months.

The base formula contains essential oils and botanical extracts of eucalyptus, neem, citriodora, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, vetiver, and tea tree. Added GERANIUM, CEDAR or LAVENDER oils are used to form each of the three fragrances we offer.

Colibri products are completely natural. They contain no chemicals or animal elements and have never been tested on animals. They are handmade and packaged in recycled cotton paper. As is usual for our products, they were created with care for the environment in our fair trade compliant facility.


Each fragrance in this line has been achieved through a sensitive blending of many essential oils. Composed and hand blended, using the classic French
interplay of resonance and affinity,
the resulting products are alive with a multiplicity of attributes that add a new dimension to home fragrance and AROMATHERAPY.

The complex aromatics 
used in the Maroma Spa line are all blended with a minimum of ten or more essential oils and resins. Because each of the blends is structured like a fine perfume, the therapeutic effects are magnified and prolonged.

SolRX Sunblock Products
Certified 8 hours Sun Protection


We now carry SolRX Sunblock products, Certified 8 hours of sun Protection. The SolRx difference is in theWaterBlock®, which holds the product in place through swimming, surfing, triathlons, and just about any water or sports activity. 

SolRX sunblock lasts longer and it becomes less expensive to use; just one SolRX sunblock daily application is all that's needed. Worn regularly by surfers, triathletes, lifeguards, and all others who enjoy the outdoors! 

Unfragranced, Paba-Free, Paraben-Free, Oil-free, Eco-friendly. Stays on your skin, not on the reef. Also recommended for fibromyalgia patients, (salicylate-free), radiation patients, and lupus patients.  

Reef and 
Eco-Friendly, Carrier lotion is water-based and dissolves without leaving a footprint.

Apply Today ... Reapply Tomorrow.  

"The Best Sun Screen is the One You Will Use."  Dr. Doris J. Day, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center.