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                                                         Natural Soap Bars

The vast majority of the commercially produced bar soap on the store shelves don't say 'soap' on their labels. You will see claims like beauty bars, moisturizing bars, or body bars, but not soap. That's because these soap bars aren't actually soap.  They are detergents that contain synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, and a whole bunch of chemicals most people can't even pronounce. 

Natural Handcrafted Soaps - Our 100% natural soap bars are made starting with the finest organic olive oil, organic palm oil, coconut oil and pure Essential oils using the cold process method. Each Bar type is then given its own unique blend of extra ingredients. This method produces a bar that retains its natural glycerin, quenches your dry skin and produces a gentle, creamy lather.      

Each Soap bar type is scented by its own ingredients so they smell great, and are naturally colored as well.  Order 6 Bars and receive a gift from us.

Do you have Sensitive skin?
 You will feel the difference-guaranteed!   

Soap of the Month Club - 
We at ItsNaturallyPure are thrilled to offer our Soap of the Month Club for your choice of 3, 6, 9 or 12 month subscriptions.  You can choose which Natural Soaps you would like to receive or we will select the soaps from our Natural Soap Bar products that best represent the season and send them along with a detailed description of what we have selected.

Natural Hand Crafted Soap Selections

Click on the picture above to see details of all our Natural Soap Bars
Price: 3.99 each for a 4 oz. bar

    Order 6 Bars and receive a gift from us.

 Baby Soap Bars 
    Prairie Baby Soap Bar

Body Soap Bars 
    Peaceful Prairie
    Eucalyptus Lemon
    Patchouli Vanilla
    Saddlewood & Sage
    Minnesota Mint
    Gardner's Bar

Exfoliating Soap Bars

   Probiotic Bar
   Shea Butter & Oatmeal
   Lemongrass Oatmeal
   Peppermint Oatmeal
   Owen's Oatmeal
   Ginger Clove

Face Soap Bars
Frankincense & Myrrh  
    Patchouli Rose  
Orange & Tea Tree
    Tea Tree

Shampoo Bars
    CedarWood & Tea Tree
    Rosemary Mint